Zied Mehdi is a prominent Tunisian oud player and composer, performing at concerts in Tunisia, France, Italy, Morocco, and Germany. Now in his early thirties, Zied began playing the instrument around the age of twelve, studying with a range of renowned Turkish and Tunisian musicians. In 2009 he gained a diploma in traditional Tunisian music from Rachidia Institute and in the same year the national diploma in Arabic music. Throughout this time, his interest was influenced by traditional Ottoman and Tunisian music, especially the traditional Maluf genre of music.

Although best known for traditional Maluf, Zied is increasingly exploring innovative ethno-jazz music, performing in a quartet setup with piano, percussion, and double bass. Currently, Zied is working on an exciting new album, featuring his unique compositions that blend traditional North African music with contemporary nuances. This project reaffirms his commitment to expanding the horizons of music, introducing new sounds while honouring his rich cultural heritage.